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 Anita Ayub

 Anita Ayub  is a Pakistani model and actress. she is so  beautiful Pakistani models and actress.  She has appeared in  Pakistani and indian movies  and advertisements .She  was more of a hit as a controversial model because of my interviews.  She is sister of pakistan actress amber ayub .She has settled in New York with her son Shezap, now a year and-a-half, which allows her sometime to work other than in the house! For some time she hosted shows in New York on a TV.Anita Ayub Pictures are so hot.


 Anjuman was one of the most successful Punjabi film heroines of Pakistan .She is the No 1 pakistan punjabi film heroine, Anjuman came from Multan to Lahore. Her first appearance was, however, in the Urdu film, Waadey ki Zanjeer .she had the figure of a traditional Punjabi Mutyaar, which suited Punjabis at the time that's why she was more successful in Punjabi Films.Her jodi was very papulor with famous with Sultan rahi she have a aunique record, which she shared with her century partner hero Sultan Rahi Anjuman had record 117 film with Sultan Rahi and the largest number of diamond and platinum jubilee films by any film heroine. Anjuman was so beautiful .She was queen of Punjabi cinema in Pakistan .

 Arifa Siddiqi

 Arifa Siddique is very talented and versatile actress of Pakistani television Arifa's acting career started at a very young age from children shows. She is  is daughter of Talat Siddiqi, and sister of Naheed Siddiqi.Arifa is a multi-media performer and can be seen in TV, film, and in Advertisements. Fareeha Pervaiz is very good singer and she is  cousin of Arifa .rifa gave Fariha lots of encouragement

Some Movies of Arifa
Aisa bhi hota hai
Bad amla

Atiqa Ohdo

 Beautiful Pakistani  Actress

Atiqa Ohdo is a famous Pakistani television and film actress .Atiqa Odho was born in Karachi, Pakistan on the 12th February 1968. About her personal life: she got married at young age (about 17) but got divorced afer ten years. She left a son and a daughter to her husband. She started her professional life as a trained make-up artist and hairstylist in 1989.she was discovered by the very renowned and senior television personality Anwar Maqsood. She starred in his play, Sitara Aur Mehrunissa in 1990 that turned her into a household name in Pakistan overnight .Atiqa is a versatile person who always comes up with something interesting every time. A stint with advertisement soon lost its appeal for Atiqa, so she moved in front of the camera. Small screen was too small for her personality so she adored the silver screen in three movies. When the silver screen did not show any signs of growth for the gorgeous and talented actress, she returned to television. Now based in New York with her husband and three kids.Atiqa .we have Atiqa Odho pictures .it is best place to see picture of atiqa odho.


  • Jo Darr Gya Woh Marr Gya
  • Mummy
  • Mujhe Chand Chahiye

 Babra Sharif 

  Best Actress of Pakistani Films 

The face of a baby, the figure of a Barbie doll and the nerves of steel make this damsel one of the timeless queens of Pakistan film industry . A talented actress who has performed several memorable roles on both the mini and silver screens. Babra is one of the most versatile actresses that Lollywood has ever produced .Babra Sharif was the foremost figure in the Pakistani film industry during the 1980s and late 1970s.Her first film was Shamim Ara's Bhool in 1974. She had great success in Urdu films in Pakistan.

She did a variety of roles which proved her versatility as an actress. Some critics have also considered her as the best actress of her time in Pakistan, she was the first actress in the region who blended action and romance. She worked in more than 100 movies. Babra was one of the top actresses of Lollywood. she Is one of Pakistan's most popular actress and the highest paid actress in Pakistan. She is 53 year old now but she looks so young fresh and beautiful .Babra sharif pictures .pictures of babra sharif are so beautiful 

 Bushra Ansari 

 Famous Pakistani versatile Actress

Bushra Ansari, of course, is one of the most versatile performers; remarkable both for her humourous and serious acting and a very good singer too.Bushra Ansari was born in Karachi..She is Daughter of an eminent journalist and writer Ahmad Bashir,Bushra married TV producer Iqbal Ansari, who encouraged her to resume the acting she had enjoyed during her school and college days.

Her first appearance was in one of his productions, and since then she has appeared in many programmes, including "Angan Tehra", "Show Time", "Fifty Fifty", "Show Sha", "Rang Tarang", and "Emergency Ward".
Bushra is a popular and versatile actress, equally at ease with comedy or serious drama. She is an excellent singer, a lively compere

 Huma Mir

 Pakistani TV Actress

Huma Mir is a beautiful Pakistani TV actress .She is very talented actress .Huma Mir is a Doctor but she is running  an Advertising Agency, Tulips Communications [Pvt.] Ltd. She was born in Karachi on November 11th. Did her early schooling from Habib Public School and Matriculation from National High School. She did her Intermediate Science, Pre-Medical from P.E.C.H.S Girls College and finally M.B.B.S from Sindh Medical College Karachi .Doctor Huma mir started her acting career as a child star .Huma Mir performed in many TV Plays .Now she is successful advertising professional .Huma is not doing teleplays any more because of shortage of time due to her  advertising profession. She is very nice person .Huma mir is also very good compare .

 Jana Malik

 Jana Malik is Pakistani Actress . She is very talented actress. She performed very well .She is very good actress. Jana Malik is beautiful and attractive very sexy figure , Jana malik pictures are also very beautiful.

 Jia Ali

 Beautiful Pakistani  Film Heroine

Jia Ali  is a  model and an actress. She is heroine of lollywood. Jia Ali started off at an early age of nineteen and within no time achieved star status in the glamour world. Jia Ali is a very pretty girl . She is very talented  actress .She puts in hundred per cent efforts in her work .Jia Ali acted in several movies that consolidated her success at the top. But Jia. Ali loves modeling more than movies,Jia Ali is one of Top models in Pakistan..You can see some beautiful pictures of sexy Jia Ali .

Jia Ali Filmography

* Deewane Tere Pyar Ke
* Nakhra Gori Ka
* Ghar Kab Aao Gay
* Dil Deewana Hai
* Rukhsati

 Mahnoor Baloch

 Beautiful Pakistani Actress 

Mahnoor Baloch is Pakistan's most beautiful actress and model..Mahnoor Baloch has a very unique face. She  has a charming personality. She looks beautiful in every dress and every style .In a way, she is a beauty of a different kind that cannot be expressed in words but only felt through her striking graceful eyes, which only seem to smile at you continually. It is these eyes and her radiant innocent smile that throws hundreds of expressions in a single frame. In fact, Mahnoor Baloch is the dream girl of millions of Pakistani Television viewers. She is very talented actress . She have natural talent of acting .  she is also known as a great Director. She proved herself in  field of modeling acting and direction .


Maria Wasti

 Pakistani Television Actress 

Maria Wasti is a Pakistani film and television actress. Maria Wasti was born on 14 August 1980 in Lahore,  Pakistan.She started her acting career in 1995 with PlaySara Our Amara .  Wasti began receiving roles in various other plays in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad centers for PTV. In a short span of time, she was commended for being an extremely exceptional actress. Today Maria Wasti stands where every other aspiring newcomer wants to be. She have successful  career  .Now She one of the best Pakistani Television actress. Maria is usually seen playing unglamorous roles involving sensitive issues regarding women in Pakistan. Wasti opened up a production house in 2002, where she has successfully produced several serials and a dozen play.She is beautiful and attractive .



 Top Film Heroine

Meera is a film actress from Pakistan. She started her acting career in 1995 with Film Kanta.  She have successful film career  But she  is the most controversial actress after her appearance in an Indian film .she worked on her first Bollywood project Nazar. She was  received lot of criticism to a scene where she kisses the hero .This hot scene of film Nazar created log of problems for meera  . She is known for vulgar roles.Meera is bold and beautiful . Meera is very good talented actress and she proved her acting skill in many movies like Khilona, Hawaen, Inteha, Khoye ho Tum kahan, Chalo ishq laraen and Salakhen .She is going to establish a social welfare organization that will provide shelter to homeless and needy women. Meera is the most controversial actress of lollywood. .Meera is beautiful and she have very sexy figure .Take a look at beautiful Meera sexy photos.


 Pretty Actress and Stage Dancer

Megha is Pakistani film and stage Actress . She is pretty and attractive . She is very good actress and dancer But she did not get much successes in Pakistani film industry . So she turn to herslef to stage now she is very popular actress and dancer of stage .Megha is one of popular stage dancer of Pakistan  Megha dances are very popular .Megha is very good dancer .Megha is beautiful  very sexy girl and very nice person  .Megha mujra dance Cd's are also very papulor . Megha is very nice actress and very good dancer . Megha is very popular in Lahore stage dramas.


 Beautiful Pakistani  Actress and Stage Dancer

Nargis is film actress turned stage dancer. She is more popular because of her dances. Nargis is beautiful and have very sexy figure . She is known to be the best dancer on stage. Nargis is a Dance Queen. nargis ismost papulor dancer of lahore stage dramas. She appears regularly on stage plays and theater musicals in Lahore, Multan and other cities throughout Pakistan; her younger sister Deedar also appears on stage quite frequently. Nargis's recent film " Sooha Jora " was produced with her huasband Zubair Shah. Nargis's stage dance CD are available in all over pakistan  and very papulor , People love to watch her stage dance and her stage mujra dance Cd,s picture of nargis are so beautiful and hot.

Nargis Filmography

Chand Babu

Kala Raj

Kuri Munda Razi

Aalmi Ghunde

Soha Jora


   Beautiful Pakistani Film Actress

Neeli was a very beautiful talented actress of both Urdu and Punjabi films.She changed the way actresses used to dress and were made up in films. She was smart and slim actress, with her long shiny black hair, while her contemporaries were heavy and bulky. Neeli was introduced by Younis Malik's film Akhri Jang in 1986 Neeli started with a big diamond jubilee musical and action film..Neeli was beautiful and very talented actress she proved herself a unique actress.

 Nida Pasha 

 Pakistani  Actress & Model

Nida Pasha is a  beautiful actress and model from Pakistan .. She  has a charming personality. She beautiful and very talented actress .She made a name in very short time by her hard work and natural talent  .She is daughter of PTV producer Kazim Pasha . She is happily married with Tv actor Yasir Farid .


 Beautiful Pakistani  Actress

Nirma is a  film and television actress from  Pakistan.Nirma  is  beautiful and very attractive actress.. Nirma is also a very  dancer of the stage She is very hot actress of Pakistani Lollywood cinema.Nirma is very  talented Pakistani film and television actress. Nirma had already acted in 35 to 40 films and several television serials. She had also appeared in several in music albums.Nirma is a  film and television actress from  Pakistan.Nirma  is  beautiful and very attractive actress.. Nirma is also a very  dancer of the stage She is very hot actress of Pakistani Lollywood cinema.Nirma is very  talented Pakistani film and television actress. Nirma had already acted in 35 to 40 films and several television serials. She had also appeared in several in music albums.


 Beautiful  Actress and Model

Noor is a pakistan moveis Telvevion actress and model .Noor  is  beautiful and very attractive actress.. Noor have a beautiful pretty innocent looking face .Noor is very good actress and model Pakistani Lollywood cinema .Noor is very  talented Pakistani film and television actress. Noor is also an amazing dancer . She had also appeared in music albums. She had many affairs and scandals within and outside the film industry. She had a long and well publicized battle with her parents concerning a marriage issue. She left Pakistani film industry and now she is working on small screen .She also appreard dozen of TV ads and commercials including the famous Dalda, Sultan and notably BioAmla hair oil .


 Beautiful Pakistani  Film Heroine

Resham  is a  model and an actress. She is heroine of lollywood. Film industry of Pakistan .Resham started her acting career on Televison . Reesham  is a very pretty girl. She debuted with Syed Noor's Jeeva and later went on to star in a string of commercial hits in the late 1990s . She is very talented  actress Reaham .is beautiful and attractive very sexy figure She puts in hundred per cent efforts in her work .Resham is a superstar of Pakistani film industry and television.

Resham's Super Hit Films

Chor Machaey Shoor 
Kudyaan ko daley dana
Yes Boss 
Pehla Pehla Pyaar


 Rubi Niazi

  Beautiful Film Actress

Ruby Niazi is a  Pakistani actress .She is  so pretty and attractive . She was as Heroine in few films.She was very good actress  but Rubi niazi did not get much success in film industry .Now  she is working in stage darams .

Filmography Of Rubi Niazii

Jadoo Nagri
Purana Papi
Albela Aashiq
Chuupay Rustam
Mastana Mahi

Naam ki Suhagan

 Sadia Imam

 Pakistani Television Actress 

Sadia Imam is Pakistani Television actress and model .She is a very popular actress .She is the most sought after and the most frequently found face in every other Drama Serial. Sadia has not only played various roles in Drama Serials and Long Plays but has also participated as a model in commercials. She is very talented actress .Sadia Imam is one of the most attractive female artists found in Pakistani showbiz. Sadia Imam is  a gorgeous young woman. Actress Aliya Imam is her sister .Sadia Imam is a very good person and versatile actress . She have is very popular in Pakistan


 Lollywood Actress 

Sahiba is a beautiful Pakistani Film actress .Sahiba is very talented actress of lollywood .She ws super hit heroine of her time .Sahiba is most beautiful girl of Pakistani cinema . Sahiba left lollywood after her marriage with Famous actor Remboo (Afzal Khan ).Sahiba is daughter of famous Pakistani heroine Nishoo .Sahiba was very talented and beautiful actress and very good dancer . She performed very well in many movies .But she left film industry at peak of her career because of her love marriage with Jan Ramboo .Now she is enjoying happy married life


 Top Pakistani Film Heroine

 Saima is a very Papulor Pakistani film heroine . She is queen of lollywood. She worked in over 200 movies .Saima basically belongs from Multan .Saima's debut in Punabi Film Khatarnaak of Director Akram Khan .She is most busy actress of lollywood. Saima is very beautiful and have ideal figure for Tyipcal Punjabi Film heroine .She is married with famous Director and writer Syed Noor. Saima is very talented actress and she is very sucsesful heroine of Pakistani Film Industry .Saima is very nice and cool person .She is a very good actress and dancer .

 Saira Khan

 Beautiful and Sexy Pakistani  Actress

Saira Khan is a  film and television actress in Pakistan. Saira Khan is  beautiful and very attractive actress.She came from Multan .She started her film career  in 1998 with "Ehsaas" . After some time she also start working in Televsions Programmes  .Now she is more busy with TV serials .A

 Sania Saeed

 Pakistani Television Actress

Sania Saeed is a pakistani TV Actress .She was one of the best Actress of Pakistan. She is beautiful , sober and a graceful lady .Sania Saeed is a very talented and versatile actress .She has done numerous memorable roles on television .She performed in many TV Darma's . Most of her TV Darma's was super Hit and her acting was great . She is very talented actress. Sania Saeed is very good actress and very good person

 Sonia Khan

 Pakistani Actress and Model

Sonia Khan Started her career as a Model later she started acting .Sonya Khan is beautiful and attractive actress and model .People liker her  .Beautiful Sonia Khan's Pictures are Hot .She is very good actress and she is very sexy model.

 Vaneeza Ahmad

 Super Model

Vaneeza Ahmad is a Pakistani model and actress. She is lovingly called Vinnie within the Pakistani fashion industry., Ahmad also has been working in fashion for the last 12 years, and divides her time between Europe and Pakistan. Vaneeza Ahmad is beautiful and attractive with very perfect sexy figure .She's got the most refreshing face in the business and one of the most amiable dispositions .Vaneeza is Pakistani  supermodel .In the movie Jinnah she played the Quaid's daughter Dina and they say she played it well. She's worked hard to get where she is today. She's come a long way in a very short time, and the way she's going, she'll go a long long way.she signed as brand ambassador for Lux's new variant 'Aqua Sparkle' and Mobilink's premier 'indigo' .Vaneeza Ahmad's Looks so Hot and beautiful .

 Veena Malik

 Beautiful Actress  and  Modelel

Veena Malik  is a Pakistani Film , Television actress and model. Veena Malik was born in  Rawalpindi Pakistan.she came to Lahore  town with lot of dreams  Her dreams came true when she met  Jarar Rizvi, Who helped her to start her career.Veena is very talented actress and very good model.Veena malik is beautiful and attractive .Veena malik very sexy figure 
Veena Malik nude photo shoot scandel was upset her very much . These nude photos was not her . About her nude photo shoots circulating on the Internet, annoyed Veena said, "The photo-shoot you are mentioning is the part of anti-Veena campaign by my opponents in the film industry. I never went for a nude-shoot. Those are fake pictures. I am not bothered about them since those are not my photographs.Veena Malik is also very good compare.

 Zara  Sheikh

 Beautiful Pakistani Actress and Model

Zara Sheikh is a pakistani Model and actress .Zara Sheikh born May 7, 1978 in Lahore..Zara began her career as a model while she was still a relatively young student.Zara Sheikh is a successful model who was well known in the world of fashion well before she made her debut in feature films.She made her debut on billboards across Pakistan as the "JaZZ Girl" for Pakistan's leading cellular service provider - Mobilink GSM. The add campaign became an instant hit, and she began appearing on JaZZ commericials on Television and in newspapers and magazines. She received many offers from Film Directors, however chose to make her debut in Hassan Askari's Tere Pyaar Mein .When Tere Piyar Main, was released. And by the time the movie hit cinema halls, she was already a star. Her stunning looks and polished style were refreshing and Zara had sufficient acting skills to please the audiences.Zara's talent and hard work has resulted in her becoming one of Pakistan's top actresses in a short period of time.Zara considered to be one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Pakistani cinema .She is Is single and lives in Lahore with her parents


 Famous Pakistani  Actress

Zeba was one of the most respected, gorgeous and graceful woman in Pakistan film industry.Zeba is one of the most famous actresses in Pakistan. Her real name was Shaheen, but she adopted the name Zeba for her film career. Zeba was married to Mohammad Ali , a prominent actor of Pakistan's film industry.She received many awards in her film career.She is a very nice person and she was a great actress of her time .


 Zeba  Bakhtiar

 Beautiful Pakistani Actress

Zeba Bakhtiyar is a Pakistani actress and director .Zeba Bakhtiar is most beautiful. She have a pretty and innocent face .She is the daughter of Yahya Bakhtiar, former Attorney General of Pakistan. Zeba Bakhtiar first made her television debut with a Karachi television play, Anarkali .,Zeba Bakhtiars first Indian movie was Henna with Rishi Kapoor which was a huge box office hit. Zeba Bakthiar also gave an excellent performance in movies like Sargam ,Mohabbat Ki Arzoo, and "Stuntman" , Jai Vikraanta,Muqadama,Chief Sahib, Qaid and Babu, and captured the hearts of her millions of fans.. Zeba Bakthiar also starred in major television serials, She is very talented actress . She proved her acting skills in film and Televison , She is also good director .she was married and divorced with singer/actor Adnan Sami & had a son through him.She is very nice person . Photos of zeba bakhtiar is hot beaucse she is so beautiful .

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